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Show Quality

Nigerian Dwarfs

Welcome To Veritas Farms

Raising show quality miniature dairy goats. We strive for excellence in the milk pail. We are currently focusing on switching over to Nigerian Dwarfs only. They are ADGA registered. We CAE test in the winter, and beginning this year are doing yearly testing for CL and Johnes as well. We intensively manage our herd with the best possible feed, minerals, supplements  and preventative care to ensure healthy, disease free animals and kids that are friendly and ready to be a loving part of the family. We show and plan to do a linear appraisal this year on our Nigerians. To jump on a waiting list for kids, check out our kidding schedule.




We ran up to Redmond during the ADGA Nationals, because we are lucky to live only 5 hours away, because we couldnt' resist the opportunity to pick up two lovely girls from the amazing Jordan at Flying Feets farm in California. Our plan was to cut back numbers, but we've not accomplished that goal when given some amazing opportunities! We are ecstatic to add  two first freshening young does; Flying Feets HB Awamori, her pedigree chock full of Old Mountain, Dill's and some Wood Bridge and Flying Feets M Hostess, whose dam and grand-dam (sire's side) were two very nice Flying Feets bred does that really shined in mammary systems. They've both been exposed to a couple of her bucks; both to Agape's Prize bucks, both of whom's dams have been ADGA national champions. I'm crossing every body part I have that they both took and the stress of the move & the new herd won't cause a loss. So far they've settled in nicely and have lovely personalities!


This month we sold some animals, and then added back! So, our numbers haven't shrunk, but they've at least stabilized! Ha! We were very thankful to be able to bring home two doe kids this month from two very lovely goat friends we've been milk testing with.  The always wondeful Mikella from Twin Arrows graciously offered us a doe kid from her lovely doe, Pumpking Spice, who has a reserver JR. championship under her belt and was a part of the 1st place dairy herd at Syringa this year. Her sire, Winning Streak CM Summer Hawk is out of a lovely GCH, 90 scoring doe from Phoenix Farm. She is already wide and wedge shaped and has large little baby teats, and we are over the moon. We also brought home a beautiful little cou clair doe from lovely Gayle at Southside Nigerians. Cou clair is a new color in our herd, but more importantly, her sire is an Oak Apple buck from Old Mountain lines and out of a doe I've had the pleasure of personally watching excel on milk test this year, with such lovely, supple udder texture and long teats!



Syringa was a blast! Veritas Farms SS Red Sonja took a 6th and a 2nd in her  two classes, amidst stiff competition. She was the only competitive doe I brought this year & I was very pleased. Valkyrie was an awfully imatture yearling milker, but still placed above half of one of her two classes, and I was pleasantly surprised. :)


Oh boy, time flies! So busy with goats and work,  I can barely keep up with updating the site! Our final doe of the season kidded April 14th with a single buck kid (of course.) I was only able to retain two doe kids from Gamble...possibly three if I keep Harley's kid. But I already have THREE of her daughters. They've all been absolutely lovely, and my favorite does, so I wouldn't mind another on the farm. My herd is now 2/3 heavily relying on her maternal line, and it's paid off. Three of her daughters are on milk test, and they do not disappoint. I down-sized a lot over last couple of months, selling five does in milk, and we are down to five doe kids left for sale and five wethers. We kept two bucklings in tact and both are sold.  I am not going to advertise heavily at the moment, the market is suddenly and absolutely flooded in our area with all manner of goat kids. The remaining kids are helping keep my does on milk test in production so I don't have to milk a whole bunch twice a day, and they will be available the third week of June. I appreciate each and every family who has purchased from us this season and made it a good year for the goats! Next year I plan to breed a few less does to keep my sanity in tact.


We are up to 25 kids on the ground! We have 3-5 does left to kid (depending on if one took, and if I sell Midnight prior to kidding.) I have several started on bottles who will be able to go to new homes within the next few weeks, at least 2 nice doe kids included. We have decided to sell several adult does as well to keep numbers down. Some polled, some moon spots, all have been on the milk stand and do their jobs well. All currently in milk! Our first official milk test is SATURDAY and we will have 9 does on test at the moment. We are very excited!


Kidding season began with some of my most anticipated kiddos of the year. Valentina gave me triplets by *B Amethyst Acres R Giovanni & I couldn't be happier with our little retained doeling, and keeping a buck from this cross as well! Our doe kid giveaway winner was selected in November, & she will be bringing home one of the Tina x Gio kiddos later this spring. Celeste also gave us triplets on the same day, & gave us a very lovely Starlord doeling who may also end up a keeper. We will have several does in milk available for sale later in the spring, and we have a pregnant doe (Midnight Sky) available, as well as a very friendly Gladdie Acre doe available after kidding in a couple of weeks (Fit To Be Tied).



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