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 Tethered Hearts FK Fundraiser

DOB: 07/18/2023
Black W/Scattered White

Sire: TUA Farms PK Finders Keepers *B (Pending)
Sire's Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Promise Kept *B
(GCH Wood Bridge Farm Undeniable ++B x GCH Wood Bridge Farm Pets Promise 2*M VEVE89)
Sire's Dam: GCH TUA Farms BC Party Girl 2*M VEEE91
(AGS Roundabout Mister Mosaic x Camanna WR Moonlight Starrynite.)

Dam: Almar Acres Doe Rae Mi
Dam's Sire: Dragonfly APT Aramus *B VVE87
(Dragonfly RY Apache Tears *B x GCH Dragonfly T Ninevah 1*M EEEE 92)
Dam's Dam: ALMAR ACRES LUCKY PENNY 5*M AR VEEE90 (Pending ADGA's backed up awarding of scores)
(Violet's Acre BA School's Out *B +VV84 x GCH Castle Rock Fire N Spice 4*M VEEE90)

Show History -
I've admired Almar Acres animals for a LONG time, & with her farm stepping back into retirement, I knew now was the time to jump at any up close Almar genetics, especially some Aramus and Fire N Spice, two bucks used in her program I've greatly admired. Add in some gorgeous Wood Bridge lines, and the very lovely TUA Farms Party Girl, and I'm over the moon to get an opportunity to prove this young buck! His dam is a young first freshener, but is already showing off her gorgeous medial, depth, width, length and substance, with a very pretty general appearance. 

dodie 2 - dam.jpg
dam - dodie rear.png
dams ff udder.png

Dam & Dam's First Freshening Udder

Almar Acres Doe Rae Mi 

Photos courtesy of Tethered Hearts Nigerians


Sire's Dam - GCH TUA Farms BC Party Girl 2*M VEEE91

dams dam - lucky penny.jpg

Dam's Dam -Almar Acres Lucky Penny 5*M

sire - promise kept.png

Sire's Sire 
Wood Bridge Farm Promise Kept *B - Photo Courtesty of Camanna's Petite Paradise

Dams Udder.jpg

Sire's Dam's Udder - Photos Courtesy of

TUA Farms

dams dam lucky penny rear.jpg

Dam's Dam -Almar Acres Lucky Penny 5*M

Photos Courtesty of Starry Skye Nigerians

dams sire aramus.png

Dam's Sire 
Dragonfly APT Aramus - Photo Courtesty of Almar Acres Nigerians

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