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Dry Yearling Above; First Frehsening Below
Veritas Farms OR Mystique

DOB: 05/30/2021
Mystique - Buckskin W/White

Sire: Sterner Farms F Made In Oregon +VE86
Sire's Sire: Joyful Hearts KR Finley *B
(SG Algedi Farm CK Kinetic Riptide LA+VE84 +*B
x Joyful Hearts DS Tiger Tracks  VEEE90 1*M, 3*D)
Sire's Dam: Loperrized PM Merial 1*M LA+VEE89
(Odeon ATS Pyro*Technic *B x CH Odeon CM Madeleine EEV87)

Dam: Southside NW Harley Quinn VEEE90
Dam's Dam: Southside SN Midnight Sky 3*M
(TX Twincreeks RM Supernova *B x JDR Ranch CP Midnight 2*M LAV+VV85)

Dam's Sire: Wee3Farms WS Nightwing *B +VV83
(Heaven's Hollow Winter Soldier LA+VE85 x Wee3Farms EP Blue Bell LA +VV+84)

Kidding History -
Twins ( D, D) by Bold Rebalance HiHo Starlord
Show History -
Syirnga 2022 -
9th & 10th in her dry yearling classes, in a field of 25 or so.
Syringa 2023 - 8th x 1
All I have to say is that she was born with an "X" on her forehead, and her dam is named Harley Quinn, so in keeping with the comic universe theme, Mystique fit her perfectly.
And her dam is one of my best does, so I'm excited for this little spitfire. She is looking a lot like her dam, but with a much more level hip. 
First Freshening W/Twins
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