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3RD Freshening Udder

Southside NWHarley Quinn
DOB: 4/2/2018

Buckskin - Blue Eyes
Sire: Wee3Farms WS Nightwing *B +VV83
Sire's Dam: Wee3Farms EP Blue Bell LA +VV+84
(CH Double Sundog GS Epic LA+VE86 x CH JDR Ranch CS Cherry Blossom LAVEEE90)
Sire's Sire: Heaven's Hollow Winter Soldier LA+VE85
(Simple Pleasures Keene Bop x SGCH Wyojem Wendy Kiki *M LAVEEE91)
Dam: Southside SN Midnight Sky 3*M
Dam's Dam: JDR Ranch CP Midnight 2*M LAV+VV85
(Caprinos RI Copper LAVEE89 x JDR Ranch AV Aurora LAVVEV88)
Dam's Sire: TX Twincreeks RM Supernova *B
(Castle Rock Rainmaker +*B LAVV+85 x SGCH TX Twincreeks WDF Sarafina LAEEEE92)

Kidding History 

 2019 - 1 Buck, 1 Doe by Daisy Girl TM Simon Days

2020 - Not Bred
2021 - Twin Does by Sterner Farms F Made In Oregon
2022- Triplets (B,D,D) By Bold Rebalance HiHo Starlord
2023 - Triplets (B,B,D) By Gladdie Acres KC Take A Gamble

Show History -

Syringa 2022 - 7th x 2 (2 Rings)

Photos of Quinn's Dam/Sire Can Be Found by clicking REFERENCE GOATS at the top of the page.

I LOVE this doe! She is a little dramatic, but she makes up for it in the milk pail. She has such a smooth fore udder attachment, equal halves, and just a shapely, beautiful udder.  She has crazy body capacity and depth of body and has simply matured into a  nice doe. She placed in the top half of her two very competitive classes at Syringa and I couldn't be happier. The commentary was that the competition was national quality, and walking away with a decent placing was something I was thinking would be very difficult considering the caliber of competition! And she behaved impeccably, not like a drama llama. She breeds up very well when crossed on a buck with a more level rump. 


2nd Freshening Udder

4th Freshening Udder

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