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3rd FreShening Udder W/Single

Veritas Farm SSRed Sonja
DOB: 6/20/2019

Polled Buckskin - Blue Eyes
Sire: Daisy Girl TM Simon Says
Sire's Dam: Southside SN Mariah Magic
(TX Twincreeks RM Supernova *B x SG AGS Cactus Rose Black Magic VVE+84 1*M)
Sire's Sire: Loperrized BHT Tonka Truck +EE87
(Rebel Acres NB Big Hoss x SGCH Sandy Hollow SHO Treasure 3*M VEEE90)

Dam: Southside NW Harley Quinn VEEE90
Dam's Dam: Southside SN Midnight Sky 3*M
(TX Twincreeks RM Supernova *B x JDR Ranch CP Midnight 2*M LAV+VV85)
Dam's Sire: Wee3Farms WS Nightwing *B +VV83
(Castle Rock Rainmaker +*B LAVV+85 x SGCH TX Twincreeks WDF Sarafina LAEEEE92)

Kidding History:
2021-Twins (B/D) By Sterner Farms F Made In Oregon
2022- Twin Bucklings By Sterner Farms F Made In Oregon
2023 - Single Buckling By Gladdie Acres KC  Take A Gamble

Show History:
Syringa 2021 - Multiple 5th & 6th (Dry) (4 Rings)
Syringa 2022 - 9th & 10th (2 rings, out of a class of 26).

Syringa 2023 - 6th x 1 & 2nd x1! (Two Rings Only)

Sonja is turning out to be a nice doe, she resembles her dam quite a lot.  She did very well in probably one of the larger classes at Syringa her first time shown in 2021, with I'd estimate between 18-20 high quality milking yearlings in the class. Her udder in 2022 is even more exciting, her attachments and capacity have both gotten better and she milks out SO easily, and quickly, to absolutely nothing! Competition was intense this year at Syringa. A big time breeder commented it was like a mini nationals. So I was very ecstatic to place over so many very exceptional does! 

2nd Freshening Udder W/Twins

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