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Veritas Farm SLValkyrie
DOB: 4/12/2022
Buckskin W/Blue Eyes & Moonspots
Sire: Bold Rebalance HiHo Starlord *B (Pending)
Sire's Dam: SG CascadeCreek Tullulah VEEV89
(SG & 2*M Pending)

(Wee3Farms FN Cheif *B VEE90 x CascadeCreek Trouble )
Sire's Sire: Gabhran Creek HiHo Silver VVE88 *B
(Old Mountain Farm Endurance +*B x Rockstar Ranch Farestofthemall 1*M VVEV88)

Dam: Southside NW Harley Quinn VEEE90
Dam's Dam: Southside SN Midnight Sky 3*M
(TX Twincreeks RM Supernova *B x JDR Ranch CP Midnight 2*M LAV+VV85)
Dam's Sire: Wee3Farms WS Nightwing *B +VV83
(Castle Rock Rainmaker +*B LAVV+85 x SGCH TX Twincreeks WDF Sarafina LAEEEE92)

Kidding History:
2023 - B/B by Gladdies Acres KC Take A Gamble

Show History:
2023 - Syringa - 6th x 1 - Yearling Milker

Out of my nicest doe who did well at Syringa and scored a VEEE90 this year, her sire scored an 82 at only 14 months old and his dam just scored a VEEV89 & her milk star is officially pending on record. 

First Freshening Udder

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